A Response to an “Anarchist Writer” regarding Post-Left Anarchy

A response I left to a blog about  Post-Left Anarchy here
While I don’t consider myself a Post-Left Anarchist I have been influenced by the philosophy. I disagree with your assertion that Post-Left Anarchy is Leftist or restates old Anarchist ideas as if they are new. There is plenty of good Post Left Anarchy writings out there, and their critique of Leftism is very concrete.

The big difference between Left-Anarchism and Post-Left Anarchism is the former views things from a collectivist point of view and advocates mass movements as a way of overthrowing the current order and establishing a new order on the basis of mutual aid, voluntary cooperation and consensus. Post-Left Anarchists are individualists who view mass movements as reified abstractions. They reject the concepts of class, mass movements and revolution in favor of individual insurrection. Post-Left Anarchists seek to step out of society and create life on their own terms.

From the Post-Left point of view, the Left-Anarchists idea of recreating society is just another form of slavery as they view society and civilization as a whole as the ultimate institution of slavery.

It sounds like you have done some reading on Post-Left Anarchy already, but if you would like to research further I recommend CAL Presses Post Left Anarchist Journal Modern Slavery – available at – http://littleblackcart.com/Modern-Slavery-1.html , the Jason Mcquinn archive at the Anarchist Library – http://theanarchistlibrary.org/authors/jason-mcquinn  and of course Bob Black’s books Anarchy after Leftism and Nightmares of Reason – available here – http://theanarchistlibrary.org/authors/bob-black

Post-Left Anarchists have been greatly influenced by Max Stirner’s Dialectical Egoism as laid out in his 1844 masterwork The Ego and Its Own (Better translated The Unique and its Property) as well as Fredy Perlman’s & John Zerzan’s critiques of Civilization. Dora Marsden has also had an influence on Post-Left Anarchist thought.

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